Our staff are all trained volunteers and most are veterans themselves. They provide advice and assistance with:

Pensions – Disability, Service and War Widows
We have Pensions Officers who are trained under the Training & Information Program (TIP) which is funded by DVA. Our Pensions Officers are available to assist with DVA pension claims such as Disability Pension, War Widows Pensions, Service Pensions and other allowances provided by DVA. They can help with cases under the veterans Entitlement Act (VEA); Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act (SRCA); and the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act (MRCA).

By appointing one of our Pension Officers as your representative for your claim we will be able to track it through the ‘system’ and assist with having it processed.

Our DVA information is continually being updated so we can give the veterans and families our best service.

An appointment is preferred for pension interviews but simple queries may be able to be answered over the telephone or by dropping in.

We have Welfare Officers who are trained under the Training & Information Program (TIP) which is funded by the DVA. Our Welfare Officers are available to assist veterans and their families, complete application forms, do hospital visits and make referrals to other welfare agencies.

If your initial application to DVA for compensation for war related disabilities is rejected we have Advocates who will assist with appeals to the Veterans Review Board (VRB) and Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT).

Some of our other services include:

- Hospital visits
– Funeral assistance and referrals
– Medal Mounting Service
– Preserving your memorable occasions from 35mm slides to DVD.